Technology and fuel options for future commercial vehicles
Richard Pearson, automotive engineering advisor, BP

Developing cleaner and more fuel efficient powertrains for commercial vehicles will be the subject of Richard Pearson’s seminar.Pearson is an automotive engineering advisor at BP and will give delegates an insight into what to expect from the next generation of commercial vehicles.

Three case studies will be analysed during the session to highlight the different ways in which van, truck and public service vehicles are used.The impact of factors such as duty cycle, range, powertrain, weight & refuelling location will be discussed to define potential technology pathways by commercial application.Then the ability of each option to meet current legislated targets will then be assessed. Finally, the likely future direction of legislation and its resulting impact on powertrain and fuel selection will be discussed.

Working in the Research and Technology Group of BP Formulated Products Technology. Pearson’s work focusses on understanding the impact of lubricants and fuels on vehicle fuel economy and performance and characterising the thermodynamic environments which they experience during their pathways through the engine.